About Wanlockhead Community Trust

Wanlockhead is a special place: the beautiful hills and local history make it a very enviable place to live. We believe that a long history of declining population and limited opportunities can be turned around by local endeavour and that there is a bright future for our community.

On the 16th of January a successful Public Meeting was held at the Community Centre, introducing the idea of our community registering our interest in a community buyout of Land around Wanlockhead presently owned by Buccleuch Estates.

Over 40 people attended one of the largest village meetings held in Wanlockhead in recent years. With a mandate of about half of the registered voters in the village, a steering group was formed to register an expression of interest on the land owned by the Duke of Buccleuch in and around Wanlockheads.

What we do

A Wanlockhead Community Trust is to be formed as part of the legal requirements for the registration of an interest in land. The Trust's overall objective is to apply to register an interest in land and the opportunity to buy that land for the local community when it comes up for sale.

In broader terms, the Trust represents a community-led approach to local development, paving the way towards community ownership of Wanlockhead on behalf of the community, in order to regenerate and make the area sustainable in economic, social and environmental terms for future generations.

The Trust is owned by Wanlockhead residents and governed by a board of trustees. The trustees are elected annually by the Trust members. Please find out how can you get involved, support our aims, or just stayed informed of our progress.