Isle of Harris buyout fieldtrip in September

Between September 14-18, the Wanlockhead Community Trust is organising a trip to the Isle of Harris to visit the North Harris Trust and learn more about their successful efforts with a community buyout. All villagers are invited on this subsidised trip.

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Community Consultation Report - July 2016

The Wanlockhead community land buyout proposal was a consequence of a long standing view in the village that there needed to be a more proactive approach to management of Wanlockhead’s assets to improve villagers’ quality of life and promote a more sustainable community.

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Community Update 26 June 2016

Please find enclosed a copy of the Wanlockhead buyout newsletter which has been put through the letterboxes in the village this week.

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Community consultation update

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to our community consultation meetings. We are currently compiling the first round of comments that we received from villagers and will be packaging them for distribution and review in the near future. Keep watching for news on this exciting adventure on either our website, Facebook page or Twitter.

"We've done it once, we can do it again"

Here is a flyer by local business owner James McKelvie, a supporter of the proposed land buyout, asking visitors to the Wanlockhead Inn and local residents to support the buyout initiative.

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Wanlockhead buyout in the press

The buyout proposal has attracted a lot of media attention following the January 2016 public meeting. Here are some press articles and a few social media reactions...

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