Buyout Update


The advice from the Scottish Land Fund is that Wanlockhead will not receive funding at this time. We are urged to reapply in July. SLF had 11 applications for this round of the fund and they said if they funded Wanlockhead they would not have had enough funds for the other 10 projects. That is a reasonable position to take and we have to accept that. They have alongside that criticised our application in a number of areas suggesting we need to strengthen our position. They are concerned, for example that Covid has prevented the community from meeting to discuss the plans. Hopefully before July we will be able to rectify that. WCT is in talks with SLF to clarify the points they raise to see what course of action we need to take. We will keep you informed as these become clear.

2. Charity Status
On the 25th of November 2020 the WCT filed an application to OSCR to become a Charity, this is another important step on the road to a successful buyout.