Minutes of AGM 1st March 2020


Lincoln Richford, Androulla Richford, Mac Blewer, Anjo Abeilera, Dawid Tkocz, Dominika Torka, Peter Scott, Robert McCafferty, Pat Nellist.

Apologies: Victoria Chanin, Isobel Gibb, James McKelvey, Steven Gillespie.

Chair's Report:
Lincoln gave his report to the meeting. Chairman's Report 2019.

Update from Androulla who has been looking after the accounts since the last treasurer stepped down from the post. She confirmed that accountants ADCA, High Street, Sanquhar, have been appointed to produce accounts and deal with HMRC and Companies House on behalf of the Trust. She also confirmed that at the WCT's meeting in February, it was proposed and agreed that Dawid Tkocz, be appointed new Treasurer.

Feasibility Study/Business Plan
The chair informed the meeting of the forthcoming community consultation on the 14th April, 2020. It will be held at the Wanlockhead Community Centre between 3 — 8 pm by Urban Animation.

Pat Nellist asked for clarification as to who will be responsible for the upkeep of roads after the community buyout. The chair replied that it would be Dumfries & Galloway Council.

Standing down and re election:
Lincoln Richford, Anjo Abeilera and Isobel Gibb (Isobel not standing again)
The chair was re elected. Pat Nellist proposed and second by AnjoAbeilera.
Anjo was re elected. Proposed by Dominika Torka and second by Androulla Richford.

There being no other business, the chair thanked all those attending and the meeting closed at 8.30.