Minutes of Meeting: 9th October 2018

Wanlockhead Community Trust Meeting

9th October 2018, Wanlockhead Inn, 7:00 PM-9:30 PM

Present: Mac Blewer, James Mckelvey, Androulla Richford, Lincoln Richford

Apologies- Anjo Abelaira, Isobel Gibb, Steve Gillespie

Declaration of Interest: None

Minutes: Mac Blewer


1) Tenders
2) AGM Needs- including village update
3) Other business, including that brought forward by Isobel in her absence.

Matters Arising

Three solicitors have put in tenders to help us with Buccleuch Negotiations. £9600 was made available with grant from Foundation Scotland to hire one for final negotiations. The Board was very impressed by all three, based on their qualifications and experience, but in the end voted to hire Calum McLeod. Action Needed: Mac to speak to all solicitors about vote outcome. Mac will coordinate with Foundation Scotland about necessaries.

AGM Needs
Finalise newsletter and last public communications about AGM. Androulla and Isobel have already sent out invites via e-mail and social media. Action Needed: Lincoln will draft up a final newsletter and distribute.

Rental of office
Several trustees had discussed the idea that the Trust should have a professional office. It was agreed that when the buyout is further along and we are prepared to raise grant funding for this and professional staff we should revisit this issue.

Regarding the AGM
Discussion was had on the upcoming AGM. Action- Team will work on distributing advisory. Androulla will take lead on that. Lincoln will work on agenda.

Public Meeting
Per a concern raised by Isobel, there was a discussion about whether the time should be changed for our monthly public meeting. Daytime will be difficult for most people. Things will be picking up here. It was decided that for now, we will keep as is (7:30 PM every third Sunday of a month). In the future, if a meeting needs to be canceled, we will publicize as appropriate.

Hiring an Accountant
We can try and get capacity building funding for an accountant. Next meeting we have- Isobel can bring all the information with her so we can ascertain how much needs to be done.

Joint Press Release with Buccleuch
Buccleuch has stated that it might be good to issue a joint press release with the WCT regarding the progress of negotiations. (Around two years ago, we issued a joint release with them, very successfully.) If we agree with them on message and content, trustees believed that this would be useful publicity. Action- Mac to write first draft.

End of Meeting