Community Update, 15th October 2018

Please find enclosed a copy of the Wanlockhead buyout newsletter which has been put through the letterboxes in the village this week.



An important stage has been reached in the negotiations with Bucleuch Estates, with an area close to 4,000 acres now on the table. This has the potential to enable the aspirations expressed by villagers in the Community Consultation carried out in 2016.

The ongoing talks with Buccleuch centre around a number of conditions they have placed on the sale. Wanlockhead Community Trust has won funding from Foundation Scotland to enable the Trust to engage a Solicitor to help with the legalities of the buy out.

Work on the feasibility study and business plan, being carried out by Urban Animation, can now continue. It had been paused until the area of land became clearer. Expect a public meeting when this work is closer to completion.

Wanlockhead Community Trust is in continuing contact with the Scottish Land Fund and the Scottish Land Commission, both of whom have taken an active part in the negotiations, and both of whom continue to offer their support to Wanlockhead. Wanlockhead Is a member of Community Land Scotland and one of our directors has been elected to their board. The support that Wanlockhead Community Trust has received from all these bodies and the Land Movement in general will be a major factor in the successful outcome of the negotiations with Buccleuch.

There is still a deal of work to do to reach a final agreement with Buccleuch, including a few land areas to clarify, conditions of sale, and of course valuation. Once all this is brought together it will be presented to the Village for your input and vote.

Stay tuned for other upcoming community buyout events!

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The Trust will be holding further public meetings in the near future, look out for our newsletters. Wanlockhead Community Trust continues to hold open meetings in the Community Centre on the third Sunday of every month, look out for notices on village facebook pages, and village noticeboards. You are always welcome to contact the Trust, individual directors contact details are available on the website .