Minutes of Meeting: 13th March 2016

Wanlockhead Buyout Group Committee Meeting

13th March 2016, Wanlockhead Inn, 7:00 PM-9:30 PM

Present: Anjo Abelaira, Mac Blewer, Nathan Kennedy, Isobel Gibb, Tiffany Ireland, Bob Lowdon, James Murray, Lincoln Richford

Declaration of Interest: None

Minutes: Mac Blewer

Minutes of Last Meeting: Approved


Village Flyer update- next steps
Village Meeting/outreach discussion- next steps
Review property buyout proposal
Constitution update
Social Media update
Update on Stornoway Trip/late May field trips.

Matters Arising

Village Flyer- Everyone has distributed their village flyer to their respective neighborhoods. At next meeting we will start work on a second flyer as a reminder to get more people to the upcoming village meetings. Action: ensure that flyers are put up at the Wanlockhead community centre, the Wanlockhead Inn and the Leadhills store.

Village Meeting/outreach discussion- Children are encouraged to attend the upcoming village meetings, and accompany their parents. Need to spread the word that these meetings are “child friendly” for parents. For now, focus on getting the villagers to the event. Action: Trustees committed to getting as many villagers to the meetings as possible.

Review property buyout proposal- tabled until next meeting.

Constitution update - Unanimous vote for articles of confederation. (That Anjo sent around.) Action: Anjo will send in e-mail to the Scottish Government.

Social media- Tiffany has put up the group’s first post re: the upcoming meetings. Tiffany and Nathan are the acting administrators of the Facebook page, Anjo is the administrator of the Wanlockhead Community Trust internet site. Every three or four days, we can post excerpts from the first village flyer to pique interest from village inhabitants. Action: Tiffany will continue to post updates to Facebook as needed.

Minutes- Mac will work on making copies of minutes as succinct as possible. At times, larger work documents/notes from meetings will be circulated with greater detail for internal group distribution. Action: In the future, Mac will send around minutes for board approval as well as larger work documents.

Late May Stornoway Trip (BBC Alba)- The following board members are available to go: Tiffany, Lincoln and Androulla. Although other trustees were interested in going, they are not available for such a commitment which will last several days. Also, the hosting group can only pay for one member per group to come. The group talked about the need for whoever attends this meeting that they be well versed on the land reform campaign in general as well as what’s going on at the local level. Action: At the next meeting, the group needs to agree about who should go and represent the Trust.

Fieldtrips- brief discussion on fieldtrips this spring, summer and autumn. Action: Isobel will check on mini-bus availability from the Council. Mac to check out what the Mull of Galloway Trust is doing in terms of events.

Highlands and Enterprise Meeting booked for April 15th. Regarding next meetings, Catherine Francis of the Highlands and Islands Enterprise is booked for April 15th. Anjo moved that it is a good idea to meet every Sunday until after these Wanlockhead public meetings are finished. Then we can meet on every third Sunday per month.