Minutes of Meeting: 28th February 2016

Wanlockhead Buyout Group Committee Meeting

28th February 2016, Wanlockhead Inn, 7:00 PM-9:30 PM

Present:Anjo Abelaira, Mac Blewer, Nathan Kennedy, Isobel Gibb, Steve Gillespie, Tiffany Ireland, Bob Lowdon, James Mckelvey, James Murray, Lincoln Richford, Andrulla Richford

Declaration of Interest: None

Minutes: Mac Blewer

Minutes of Last Meeting: Approved


Update of meeting with Catherine Francis (Highlands and Islands Enterprise).
The need or otherwise to have a constituted group prior to our decision and application for either a SCIO or Community Company Limited by guarantee.
Update regarding community learning exchange grant.
Mission Statement review and approval.
Group goals review and approval .
Review property buyout proposal and ideas (including “Blue Sky” ideas from previous village meetings).
Bank Account update.
Constitution update.
Social media update.
Minutes update.
“Rules of Conduct” for Trustees- brief discussion.
Village Flyer text review and approval .
Next steps on village outreach/organizing public hearings.

Matters Arising

Update of meeting with the Highlands and Islands Enterprise/SCIO discussion- Brief update to group from members who attended the previous meeting with Catherine Francis (Highlands and Islands Enterprise.) It was agreed again how important it is for community involvement to continue with the buyout process. Larger discussion about the possibility of the Wanlockhead Community Trust being designated an SCIO versus a limited company. It was decided that the Trust will pursue a limited company designation.

Field Trips. The Mull of Galloway is a possibility for a very easy field trip location. The Outer Hebrides’ communities are still possibilities. It will be important to offer field trips to Wanlockhead residents who are interested in learning more about other buy-back communities. It was recommended that we organize two to three public field trips in the summer and autumn of 2016. Action: Isobel will look into grant proposals to cover field trip costs. James Mckelvey will look into mini-bus availability.

Mission statement. The group unanimously approved the following mission statement/tagline for the Wanlockhead Community Trust: Wanlockhead Community Trust- ensuring a sustainable future for our community and landscape.

Group aims and objectives. The group reviewed the draft aims and objectives previously circulated. There was agreement to take out the phrase which contains “socio-economic challenges” in it from the mission guidelines. The former phrase, “To ensure the sustainability of our community, which is under threat from serious socio-economic challenges” will be changed to “To ensure the sustainability of our community.”

There was discussion of the need to integrate our desires to have a sustainable economy and a healthy, sustainable environment, two not necessarily mutually exclusive goals. It was decided that the following phrase could cover these areas of focus: “To ensure a brighter future for our community, environment and economy.”

Therefore, our group’s aims and objectives now read as follows:
The Wanlockhead Community Trust is committed to the following aims and objectives:
To ensure a brighter future for our community, environment and economy
To manage community land and associated assets for the benefit of the community and the public in general, as an important part of the protection and sustainable development of Scotland’s natural environment
To advance the education of the community and the public in general about the environment, culture and history of the land
To ensure the sustainability of our community
To safeguard the natural and cultural heritage of the land for future generations

The group voted unanimously in support of these goals and objectives. Action: None right now. The group will need to revisit these goals in the future and draft accompanying language for them.

Bank Account Update- Steve looked into paperwork. Before this happens we need to decide what its status is going to be before the bank allows a new account to be opened. (Group to look into a limited company designation. With this in mind, a bank account can be opened.) Action: Steve can complete the online bank account form.

Social Media Update- Group will craft a social media update using the mission statement and goals. Tiffany will look into different formats of Facebook; including the possibility of the group having a closed group Facebook site. Let’s hold back on putting anything out until we have this formatting issue. Action: Tiffany to send out draft social media update to the group for comment and approval.

Rules of Conduct –There will need to be a discussion about what the expectations are re: group attendance and conduct etc…It was agreed in the meantime that we will invite other locals to join the Trust and become “trustees” if they desire to be involved with the buyout. Action: Further discussion is needed about Trustee guidelines.

Community Engagement/Village Meetings. There was extensive discussion regarding the need to further engage the community, especially the need to hold two public village meetings on the evolving buyout proposal. The two proposed possible meeting times and locations that we are considering are: 1) from 2:00 PM till 4:00 PM on Saturday, April 2 at the community centre and 2) from 7:30 PM till 9:30 PM at the Wanlockhead Inn on Tuesday, April 5. Action: Androulla will look into availability for the community centre for Saturday, April 2. Group will also need to develop work plan for these public meetings and allocate tasks.

Village Flyer- Draft text has been circulated by Lincoln regarding the community buyout. The flyer will invite folks to the village meetings as well as our future Sunday evening get-togethers. It is a priority that this gets done quickly. Action: Group members need to get comments back to Lincoln by 5:00 PM this Wednesday.