Minutes of Meeting: 21st February 2016

Wanlockhead Buyout Group Committee Meeting

21st February 2016, Wanlockhead Inn, 7:00 PM-9:30 PM

Present: Anjo Abelaira, Mac Blewer, Nathan Kennedy, Steve Gillespie, Tiffany Ireland, James Mckelvey, James Murray, Androulla Richford, Lincoln Richford

Minutes: Mac Blewer

Minutes of Last Meeting: Approved


Name for the buyout group
Mission statement
Aims and Objectives
Bank Account
Proposed buyout boundaries and potential uses
Village Flyer/Next steps on outreach
Next steps with approaching landowner
Next steps with Community Land Scotland

Matters Arising

Naming of group- It was unanimously agreed to name the charity “Wanlockhead Community Trust.”

Mission Statement- The group initially agreed on the following mission statement: Wanlockhead Community Trust- ensuring a sustainable future for our community and landscape. Action: group to review proposed mission statement and revise if needed.

Group’s draft aims and objectives- Many stressed the need that sustainability be a large part of the group’s mission when it comes to managing Wanlockhead’s assets as well as for ensuring the longevity of the Wanlockhead Community Trust. The group agreed unanimously with this sentiment. Action: Group to review and change as needed the afore-mentioned mission statement as well as the following draft aims and objectives by the end of our next meeting:

The Wanlockhead Community Trust is committed to the following aims and objectives:
To manage community land and associated assets for the benefit of the community and the public in general, as an important part of the protection and sustainable development of Scotland’s natural environment
To advance the education of the community and the public in general about the environment, culture and/or history of the land
To ensure the sustainability of our community, which is under threat from serious socio-economic problems
To safeguard the natural and cultural heritage of the land for future generations

Constitution- There is a need to decide what the group is before a constitution is reviewed. Will the group be a “Ltd” or a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organization (SCIO)? Action: Table discussion of constitution until after Wednesday meeting with Scottish Land Fund.

Bank Account- A constitution is needed before finalising a bank account. It was agreed that it was best to use the Bank of Scotland out of Sanquhar. Action: Steve will fill out a bank account form to start this process. Further work is needed on our constitution before the bank account can be opened.

Draft Property Buyout Proposal Uses and Boundaries- Everyone unanimously agreed that the final proposed territory could be managed for many uses/values, including: biking, hillwalking, tourism, conservation, historic preservation, hunting etc…Need to ask village within the community consultation report what the final buyout area’s should be. Mennock Pass? Lowther Hill? Etc…

Regarding renewable energy and land uses, several trustees brought up the possibility of there being a community-run hydro-station, using energy via water as in Victorian mining days. Action: Group will also talk in greater detail about the other possible uses of the land at our next meeting, including: social housing, renewable energies, village shop, use of Bowling Club and surrounding land, planting forests and developing woodland walks etc.. There will be a very real need to have community meetings to prioritize these possible uses.

Registering Interest in Land- It was reminded the need to register a formal interest in the land with the Scottish Government. Action: Group needs to formalize the “ask” before registering an interest with the government. The “asset map” needs to be reviewed by everyone to help finalize buyout boundaries.

Village Flyer/Next steps with putting forward case with Wanlockhead community- The group unanimously agreed with the need for the production of a village flyer that can talk about the land reform campaign/history of the Scottish Government’s legislation and what we as a community are trying to achieve. It will be distributed throughout the village and used on social media. Action: Draft flyer will be circulated to group several days before our next meeting. Group will finalize our Facebook and Internet sites.

Next steps with approaching landowner- To be done in due course. This agenda item will be tabled for later.

Next steps with Community Land Scotland and on “field trip” to other land reform communities- Anjo has organized a meeting for the group at 7:45 PM this Wednesday, February 24th for any committee members who can attend.