Community Update 22 August 2016 - Public Meeting on Wednesday 31st August

"Discussions begin with Buccleuch on potential community buyout": Please find enclosed a copy of the Wanlockhead buyout newsletter which has been put through the letterboxes in the village this week.





Following the previous update last month, a Public Meeting was held at Wanlockhead Community Centre on the 17th July to present and discuss the Community Consultation Report which compiles the feedback that local residents have submitted to Wanlockhead Community Trust over the past three months.

After the report was presented to the village, representatives of Buccleuch Estates and the Wanlockhead Community Trust held their first official meeting on Wednesday 17th August to discuss a potential buyout land in and around Wanlockhead. Such a buyout would ideally include the areas that local residents identified as an asset to the village in the Community Consultation Report.

In attendance from Buccleuch were: John Glen, CEO of Buccleuch; Alan Nisbet, Queensberry Estate Manager and Alasdair McLeod, Director of 2020 Renewables. In attendance from the Trust were Lincoln Richford, Anjo Abelaira, Mac Blewer, Isobel Gibb, and Androulla Richford.

Topics of discussion at that initial meeting included the Community Consultation Report, the areas of land that could potentially be part of a buyout, and the protocol to follow over the next months to agree a potential buyout proposal. A joint press release was issued after the meeting:

Lincoln Richford, Chair of the Wanlockhead Community Trust, said: “This was a very productive and positive first meeting and we broke a lot of ground. I believe that we can find a mutually satisfying solution for both parties that will ensure a bright future for our village.” --- John Glen, CEO of Buccleuch, said: “We were pleased to have had this initial meeting with the Trust as the estate is committed to playing its part in local economic development. We have held discussions with various interest groups over the years and there is a range of options that we should all consider that could help improve the sustainability of the area. As there are many complex issues to discuss, it is too early to form any conclusions or reach decisions. However, we look forward to continuing a constructive dialogue with the Trust’s representatives and villagers.”


- - - Keep informed and make your opinion heard - - -




The main topic at this meeting will be to report back to the community on the initial discussions held with Buccleuch Estates on the 17th of August. These public meetings are also an opportunity for everybody to get involved and give your ideas on what the community could do with the land if a buyout was successful.

- - - Have you read the Community Consultation Report ? - - -

The Community Consultation Report is available online at

If you don't have access to the internet, a copy has been left at the Wanlockhead Inn. You can also contact one of the steering group members who will be pleased to give you a hard copy of the report.

- - - Isle of Harris fieldtrip set for September - - -

Between September 14-18, the Wanlockhead Community Trust is organising a trip to the Isle of Harris to visit the North Harris Trust and learn more about their successful efforts with a community buyout. All villagers are invited on this subsidised trip. Please see our separate leaflet on this exciting event.

- - - More info? Want to speak with someone? - - -

You can attend one of the regular public meetings (next one on Wednesday 31st August), and you can also get in touch with one of the steering group members if you would prefer to have a one to one chat about the proposal.