Community Consultation Report - July 2016

The Wanlockhead community land buyout proposal was a consequence of a long standing view in the village that there needed to be a more proactive approach to management of Wanlockhead’s assets to improve villagers’ quality of life and promote a more sustainable community.

Pursuant to existing legislation under the Land Reform Bill (Scotland) 2016, this report represents research compiled over a four-month consultation time-period by Wanlockhead residents regarding a potential buyout of Buccleuch Estate property in and around our community.

Within it are highlighted locals’ initial aspirations and visions for the village and its surrounding landscape.

The consultation activities and comments recorded within highlighted a number of similar themes which can be grouped into five discrete and overlapping categories:
1) tourism development
2) village and community services/amenities
3) sustainable energy
4) farming
5) forestry and conservation

Seven specific landscape areas in and around the village were mentioned during the consultation process to be included as part of a potential community land buyout:
1) Wanlockhead village
2) Mennock Pass
3) Lowther Hill
4) Duntercleuch
5) Cogshead
6) Glendyne
7) Glenim

The Wanlockhead Community Trust was formed in 2016 for the purpose of looking into potential community land ownership options for the village. The objective of the Trust is to investigate potential community buyout options, analyse how a buyout would benefit the village, and by the beginning of 2017 leave that information with the village to decide in a ballot if community landownership is the way forward for Wanlockhead.

Download the full report:
Wanlockhead Community Consultation Report - Stage 1 - July 2016 (1.81 MB)