Community Update 26 June 2016

Please find enclosed a copy of the Wanlockhead buyout newsletter which has been put through the letterboxes in the village this week.

Wanlockhead Community Buyout Update
June 2016

Community Consultation Update

Following the previous newsletter update in April 2016, the Buyout steering group is currently putting together all of the Consultation responses which local residents have been submitting over the past two months. We expect a Community Consultation Report will be made available before the end of June, which will include a final accounting of all ideas advanced as well as a draft proposal regarding a potential community buyout. A further update will follow shortly to let you know when the report has been finished and where can you get a copy of it.

Scottish Government Support

The Scottish Land Fund has met again with the Wanlockhead buyout group as part of this Government agency's remit to provide ongoing advice and support to communities wishing to purchase land and assets. Topics of advice included the many areas of work that are still ahead of us in terms of feasibility studies, land valuation, and so on, which are part of every buyout route that needs to be completed before a final proposal is put forward to the village.

Scotland's new Land Reform Minister Roseanna Cunningham mentioned Wanlockhead in her recent address to the nation's community landowners in Stornoway in May. Talking about a potential buyout in our community, the Minister encouraged the village to progress the potential buyout proposal and made clear she would be with the village "Every step of the way".

Community Land Scotland, Scotland's community landowners organisation, has also been providing us with great support.


Free community visit to the Mull of Galloway's “Smugglers Weekend” Event, 9th July

Open to All - Book now!

In 2013 the Mull of Galloway Trust carried out a community buyout of the Mull of Galloway lighthouse museum, three letting cottages, and the adjacent coastal heathland and cliffs. It is now a carefully managed and award-winning tourist destination in the southwest of Scotland.

The Wanlockhead buyout group has booked a 16 seater-bus for those village residents keen to visit the Mull of Galloway and learn about their buyout and how it has improved opportunities for the area.

The trip will happen on the 9th of July during the Mull of Galloway Trust’s “Smugglers Weekend” event. The bus journey to the Mull of Galloway will be free of charge.

We will be boarding the bus at 7:00 AM at the car park of the Wanlockhead Inn. At the Mull of Galloway we will meet with representatives of the Mull of Galloway Trust and speak with them about their buyout experience. The rest of the day you will be free to enjoy the entertainment and activities of the Smugglers Weekend which include a talk about a history of smuggling in the area, local arts and crafts market, a RSPB treasure trail, and a guided tour of the of the “Smugglers’ Cove (the guided tour costs £7.50).

Go to the following links for more information on the Mull of Galloway's Smugglers Weekend: and

Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please contact Mac Blewer by July 1st at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 74225 to reserve a spot.

More info? Want to speak with someone?

You can attend one of our Sunday evening meetings; we meet every third Sunday night of the month at 7:30 PM at the Wanlockhead Inn. You can also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with one of the steering group members if you would like to have a one to one chat about the proposal.